Monday, November 29, 2010

The Kikay in Me

Each day breaks at 4:30, a morning in darkness. I hurry for breakfast and pack for lunch. Oops, it's 5:15! Have to dress for work NOW and make do with crackers and caffeine again. Sigh.

In my white overalls, I'm on the road at 6am. I have to be earlier than my preceptor. By 6:30, I've clocked in. Inside the complex at 6:45. At the dressing room is Peachy, my O.R. alter-ego.

Me, myself and I.
By 7am my suite must be clean, with complete equipment and supplies, and ready. Darn, I'm missing my cautery machine. I have to dash and find one!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

JayL Aquino's Mini Birthday Contest

JayL Aquino celebrated his birthday last October 20 but his generosity continues! SM City Marilao is one of his sponsors too! JayL Aquinio is one of 2010's Influential Bloggers. He is the author of Jay.eLx, and

If you have Facebook, Twitter and/or Plurk, you're in! Updates in at least 2 of these social networks will earn you 5 points.

If you choose TWITTER, you must twit this:
it's JayL Aquino's birthday & he is having a contest!! follow him @jay_elx & visit for more.

Dashashash is Taking the Day Off

Multi-faceted Dash is giving away some tavel-sized Clinique items she swears by. Here are the goodies up for grabs:
1. Clinique Take The Day Off Travel Size [1.7 fl.oz/50ml]

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dhemz's 3rd Giveaway is about to End!

I've been remiss in my blogging duties ehem and blog-hopping. I've been tweaking my Facebook and little and just so much happened in between :)

This is for my month-cap. Another entry to end October and welcome November. I hope I'm still able to join this little or rather huge giveaway by Dhemz from halfway around the world. Even though I found it difficult to join this round all because of the time zone factor and was able to visit her blogs and post comments with a meager quantity, I had fun, trying to beat the clock and this is my way of supporting sis Dhemz, all the way from Philippines to Texas, with love :)

And with her giveaway about to end, I'm going to go back to her mechanics:
1. Visit, Follow and Add her sponsored
2. Repost her giveaway contest in your blog. Giveaway badge (picture below) on your sidebar.
3. Leave your links HERE!