Thursday, March 31, 2011

Have You Joined Beautynomics' Anniversary Contest?

Torque be nimble, Torque be quick,
Send in your entry, and hope you'll be picked!

Last call for entries to join Beautynomics' 5th Anniversary Contest... And I'm sending my late entry in ASAP! Entries should be in by end of March, so technically, March 31st.

With pretty simple mechanics involving a blog entry and sharing the same to family and friends (including sharing about Sophie's blog anniversary!), there's no reason why I won't join. So you should join too.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dreams Unlimited


Thanks to Dash, who was kind enough to go the extra mile and claim this for me, I am now able to take a photograph and write this post all about the Dreams Unlimited body butter from The Body Shop.

Dream Trip with Blogger

For anyone who wants to travel Asia, Malaysia is an emerging destination. What with the mystery and excitement when you conquer the Petronas Twin Towers, it's a mystery no more.

Thus, I follow the saga of a contest sponsored by Tourism Malaysia - Dream Trip with Blogger. Has your favorite blogger entered this contest and took the challenge to explore the beauty of Malaysia?

Check out who leads the race and vote for your favorite. Who knows, you might just win that dream trip to Malaysia! Check out proud Pinoys Calvin's Hub and Techpinas!

Two Weeks Down, Two to Go!


It's Shen's Addiction! And her 3rd Year Anniversary Giveaway! I'm telling you early on so you can be ready to get the big guns and join!

Shen's Addiction celebrates will all her readers with 17 sponsors no less! Shen's giveaway runs for 4 weeks with 4 raffle draws. Alas, it would have been fun joining during the beginning so you have 4 chances of winning. But I'm not losing hope, 2 (or 3 if my entries will make the cutoff, since the March 30th draw is moved tonight or tomorrow, yay!) chances in the raffle is way better than nothing, right? Right!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cramming for Summer?


Are you still cramming to find the perfect attire for this coming season?

Look no more, Cocomo is here! And so is Here Tishie Tishie!

Why they go together?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why Quirk and Flair Go Together


Yet another treat from House of Flair! Why? Because it's Quirky
Suyen's birthday! And she's celebrating all through March! Lucky us!

Get ready with your Facebook and hit 'Like.' Comment and wait. You
just might win The Black Palette from Urban Decay! Got Twitter?
Another prize awaits.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brazilian Luxury on Your Hair

Hair Creams are our hair's best friend. Our crowning glory is, almost always, exposed to dust, sun, chemicals, and the elements. Factor in forceful brushing, frequent tying, exposure to high temps and improper hair drying habits, it's no wonder our hair tells a story of their own.

Can you imagine if every day is a bad hair day? One day, you wake up with dull and limp hair? The next day, you face the mirror with dry and frizzy locks? And on date night, your tresses test your limits by being unmanageable, prone to breakage and worse, split ends are in full attendance! It's a cycle of trials and errors, until we find "the one."

Care to dip your fingers in a jar of Lorys Hair Cream? Made in Brazil and a brand that's internationally recognized, Lorys Hair Cream is made of all-natural ingredients to give hair a natural glow. It works two ways too - as a conditioner and as a hot oil treatment.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project: Inches Off!

Slimming underthings help you discreetly. Just like how Inches Off does its job. Would you believe Project Vanity is giving away Inches Off items?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Solenn's Sizzling Summer

No - this is not a tongue twister :)

This teaser is brought to us by Penshoppe to usher in Summer of 2011. With the vibrant Solenn Heusaff nonetheless! Together with Akihiro Sato, Bea Soriano and Ygor Pignatari.

Ready to test the waters? Check this out for some more summer fun!