Monday, August 2, 2010

Want foldable flats like the Puntera by Suelas?

Hanna and Rosanna from Little Miss Dress Up
are giving away a pair for their birthdays!

How to win this?
"Like" their giveaway post in their blog.
Comment with your name and email add.
Follow their twitter, facebook or blog.
One lucky winner will be chosen randomly.

Tip: Want a better chance of winning?
Tweet about it ( or blog about the giveaway!
SUELAS is an innovative footwear concept for the modern woman on the go. Designed with the challenges facing a contemporary urban lifestyle in mind, SUELAS shoes are ultra-comfortable, practical and yet stylish ballet flats that cater to every woman's footwear needs. To describe them as flexible would be an understatement since SUELAS shoes are exactly that: a novel design model that allows the footwear to be packed and stored in purses and handbags which would negate the need for separate and bulky paper bags and shoe bags. For the worldly travelers, SUELAS is perfect for the jet set life as it only takes up the teeniest of space in your luggage. 

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