Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tech Updates via Ovi

When I want instant access to tech news, I find myself typing and hopping over to Yugatech for Philippine technology news and reviews. A fellow Atenean, Abe Olandres has been officially "Yuga" since 2005, albeit starting 5 years back.

So Yugatech it is. And his updates can be yes-no-meh but it's still new news, hence, the update :) But no doubt, his is one opinion across the web that Pinoy techies adhere to.

When mobile and craving for that IT tidbit, or wanting to know what's the latest phone to drool on, it's difficult to view Yugatech's full site. Enter the Yugatech Ovi App. I can now satisfy my reading wants in a mobile-friendly format on my Nokia. No chance for eye strain or damaging phone buttons because content is already mobile-ready, with automatic text wrapping - perfect rendering on my mobile.

If you're a satisfied Symbian user with a compatible handset, check out this little app. And you'll never miss another Yugatech update again.

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