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Do You *he♥art* Planners? How Do You Compare Them?

One of the most important things all busy women need is a planner. A planner gives us direction, a sense of security, and a space to organize the millions of things we need to accomplish today, tomorrow, and so on until the rest of the year.

Text and Photos by Karyl Coseto
Choosing a planner is similar to selecting an article of clothing-you should go with whatever you feel fits best. To help you start the New Year (and consequently, the rest of it) right, we’ve reviewed five unique planners to help you find The One.

Belle de Jour Power Planner
Overall look:
The planner’s cover will definitely get any girl to stop and take a second look, with its bright, eye-catching colors and flirty design. But the planner itself is heavy and a bit bulky, which doesn’t make an ideal choice if you want one you can carry around.
Content-wise, it’s quite packed. The planner comes with free coupons, fun articles to read, emergency numbers, a lifestyle directory, and a large pocket at the back where you can store a few important papers.
It has a variety of “trackers" dedicated to the many aspects of everyday life, which is good for detail-oriented women but could easily overwhelm those who want a more basic planner.
Price: P598
Verdict: “For the 'O.C.' Girly Girl"
The feminine colors, cute design, and lifestyle-related extras inside the planner will appeal to kikaygirls, while the seemingly endless variety of trackers make it a must-have for any busy woman who wants to keep a very detailed account of her life.
The Belle de Jour Power Planner is available in leading bookstores and at www.belledejourpowerplanner.com.

Starbucks Planner
Overall look:
Everything about the Starbucks planner screams “basic." Its cover is done in muted earth tones and the text and lettering in front is simple. The pages in the planner look clean and uncluttered.
The best thing about the Starbucks planner is its clear-cut format. The design of the planner inside isn’t distracting, and everything is laid out in a successive, straightforward manner.
To get the planner, you need to complete the annual Starbucks Christmas Traditions Promo Card by buying drinks at the store.
Verdict: “For the Straightforward Coffee Addict"
This planner is perfect for people who love drinking coffee because they can easily fill up the card with stickers. Its basic design and simple format makes it perfect for those who don’t want to get distracted by too many frills and simply want to write down the most important To Do’s of the day.
The Starbucks Planner is available at a Starbucks store near you.

Fully Booked Planner
Overall Look:
At first glance, you won’t think it’s a planner because it looks like a regular-sized notebook. The upside of this is that its size makes it easy to carry around. The cover itself is red, with a design that can appeal to either men or women. The pages inside the planner are clean and basic.
The format of the planner is simple. There are a few blanks allotted per day of the year (to fill in) interspersed with extra pages featuring different books accompanied by summaries. 
The planner is a gift to Fully Booked cardholders who purchase anything from the store for the holidays or for those who purchase a single receipt worth P5,000.
Verdict: “For the Voracious Reader"
You’d have to love books to get your hands on this planner! With limited space to write in, however, this planner is good for tracking only one important aspect of your life.
The Fully Booked Planner is available at all Fully Booked stores.

Moleskine Planner (Weekly notebook planner)
Overall Look:
Its plain, soft black cover with a black elastic band to hold the pages together gives the planner a simple and classy look.
The format of the planner is very straightforward. The days of the week are lined up on one side of the page while the page beside it is left blank for any important notes you need to take down.
Price: P1,370
Verdict: “For the Executive"
The basic cover and format of the planner makes it perfect for the office. You can easily organize important appointments, meetings, and other tasks you have to accomplish because of its uncomplicated design. Although it’s a bit big to put in a bag, it looks so professional you might not mind carrying it.
The Moleskine Planner is available at leading bookstores nationwide. For more information, visit www.moleskineph.com

Navi Planner
Overall Look:
The cover of the planner is simple but attractive, with an overall color scheme in earth tones. The whole look of the planner (cover and pages) is based on the theme of travel, and despite it being hardbound, it isn’t too heavy to lug around.
The design of the planner isn’t confusing despite its inclusion of a bucket list, a goal planner, and coupons for freebies. There’s enough space for you to write down all the important things you need to do for the day, and it’s charming how every month starts with a short feature about a specific travel destination.
Price: P520
Verdict: “For the Tourist"
Travel junkies should definitely pick up a copy of this “life navigator" for the New Year! Its hard cover will prevent it from bending or breaking easily in your backpack as you hike up a mountain, and its straightforward format will make it easy for you to organize your life as you make your way around the world!
Order your Navi planner at www.lifenavijournal.com.

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