Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In need of real Blog Readers?

Some moving thing in the blog of Denise caught my attention. I wasn't blinking to take it all in :) So I decided to click this cute little thing. I was taken to a new tab but I read on. It was an all-in-one blog promotion thingie.

This site/app promised to call promotion to your blog real easy. And you can get it as easily too! This was very important for someone who isn't an html expert - me.

How does BlogUpp do it? It is a blog promotion widget. It auto-shares to social networks. It carries a blog discovery toolbar option. And it links you in a blog directory. Whew.

And what do you have to do? Just two small steps.
1. Just enter the link to you blog and get the widget.

2. Grab your blog promotion widget to start off to promote your blog by copy and pasting some html into your layout widgets in Blogger. You're done!

Get discovered, be read. Let BlogUpp! broadcast your blog widely.

What makes BlogUpp! unique?
All-in-1 Blog Promotion
No Sign-up. Ultra-Simple
Set-n-Forget. Own the Time
Selected Blogs. Exclusively
Facebook & Twitter Auto-Share
Analytics with Measurable Results
Wordpress, Blogspot and alike friendly
Trusted by Blogosphere, Proven by Time
Welcome Bonus for Every Approved Blog
Interactive Blog Distribution Widget & more
Premium from € 5 (Boost, Featured, No Ads)

How does it work?...
BlogUpp! snapshots each blog and reads its RSS on a regular basis;
For every 10 blogs shared in your widget, yours is shared in 9 others;
The widget promotes interactively the blog snapshot and its latest post;
The blogs are also promoted via blog directory and blog discovery toolbar;
Once auto-share is enabled, it publishes the blogs to Facebook & Twitter too;
And all this is completely FREE and with no effort whatsoever.
    All submitted blogs are analyzed individually and approved manually in a timely manner.
    There are not accepted adult, gambling, and illegal or inappropriate content websites.
    As indicator of the approval status is the color of widget bar with BlogUpp! logo.
    Hence Grey stands for pending, Blue - for approved, and Red - for denied.

    Where is the trick?...
    The 10 to 9 sharing ratio leaves BlogUpp! 1 impression out of each 10, which is used for advertising and Premium extra-promotion acquired by bloggers. This allows the service self-support expenses like bandwidth and servers, and ultimately provide its community a cost free service. See your blog promotion details in BlogUpp! stats and dare to acquire additional impressions for much better results.

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