Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Win the World Social Hero 2010

You're on Facebook over an hour a day, right?

If you're reading this and have some spare time
on your Facebook hands :) try the

Could you imagine yourself being your continent’s Social Hero of 2010 and having the opportunity to win a travel around the world to encounter your online friends?

To celebrate the launch of easytovisit , the new safe & easy travel experience, we invite you to come participate in this exciting contest Win the World – Social Hero 2010.

1The basics
Win theWorld - Social Hero 2010 (short WtW2010 or Contest) is a contest launched to celebrate the birth of easytovisit , a new web community with the aim of making travelling and meeting people you contact online a safe & easy experience.  Both Win theWorld - Social Hero 2010 and easytovisit are registered trademarks of TooTs srl

About easytovisit here
More about the Terms and Conditions here
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More about Privacy here 
How to contact the organizers here 
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